Milan Wall Art Sunjel Fireplace

Milan Wall Art Sunjel Fireplace

A delightful fireplace experience for small spaces! Perfect for apartments, condos, offices…any room in the house. The Milan Wall Art Sunjel Fireplace will add that industrial flair to any space. No chimney, no electricity, no gas needed. Heats a room 4 to 6 degrees. This ventless gel fireplace is a breeze to install; simply and safely hangs on any wall from 2 studs. No wood is needed…uses convenient and clean burning Sunjel Fuel. Flame is 7" to 10" and crackles like a real fireplace. Durable powder coated steel available in either Levi Grey or Copper finish. See drop down menu and zoom for details. The fireplace comes with 2 complementary cans of Sunjel Fuel, and replacement fuel is available in 12 and 24 packs. See item #114202. Please note: This item does not have a blower.This item ships directly from the manufacturer. Product usually arrives in 4-10 business days, depending on destination, including order processing and shipping.

Customer review:

I Love This Fireplace!
By Denise in K-Ville from New Orleans, LA on 1/18/2008
Heats Evenly, Durable, Easy To Clean
Best Uses:
Small Rooms, Heating
Describe Yourself:
High-End Shopper, Stylish
Bottom Line:
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
I love the look of this fireplace. It is contemporary and that is my style. That is one of the reasons why I purchased it. I also love that it heats up my bedroom without any mess and it sounds like a wood burning fireplace.
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by Jim Hoyle

TheTiffany style stained glass lamps shade, panel, window etc. is very much like a puzzle.
First, the puzzle must be designed. The design may begin as a drawing, a painting, a photograph or any other kind of graphic artwork. Once this basic design is selected it must then be transformed into a stained glass friendly design. Stained glass panels, shades, doors, windows, etc. are subject to stress which can easily break or fracture the glass. Care must be taken to design the individual pieces and how they relate to each other structurally in such a way that they will add strength. Of course this all has to be done within the context of a beautiful design. A simple comparison is a wall of bricks. To create a strong wall you would not simply stack the bricks in a line on top of each other but you would place them in such a way to interlock and create a strong bond. Stained glass structural design is similar in principle. A further complication is that it is always necessary to maintain the beauty and integrity of the original subject which is the object of the design.
Second, upon completion of the stained glass friendly design which is structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing, it is necessary to create templates for each and every piece of glass that is to be in the design. This is typically done by tracing the outline of each piece of glass in the design onto a heavy craft type paper. Afterwards, the craft paper is cut into individual pieces which represent the individual pieces of glass.
Third, each craft paper template is laid down upon a corresponding sheet of glass and cut out by hand with a glass cutter tool. The rough edges of the glass are smoothed by special grozing pliers or a glass grinder. All the pieces are cut out in this manner then laid out upon a copy of the original design to assure that everything fits properly.
Fourth, each piece of glass is individually wrapped around the edge in (usually) copper foil or a zinc frame then placed back onto a copy of the original design to assure proper fitting. Metal pins, straight edges and wood frames are used to hold the entire project in place in preparation for the soldering.
Fifth, all copper foil and zinc edges of all the glass pieces are painted with a soldering flux. The glass pieces are then soldered together one at a time until the entire project becomes a one piece structure. The project is turned over and this fluxing and soldering step is repeated on the other side.
Finally, detailed finish soldering is completed, then an appealing patina is applied to all metal parts.
There are many subtleties and variations in each of the steps above. But there are no short cuts or machinery other than simple hand tools used in authentic Tiffany style stained glass.
Jim Hoyle
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jim_Hoyle

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My choice of Tyffany style lamp is this one.

Uneven Maple Leaf Table Lamp-Tiffany Style-Hand Cr

Uneven Maple Leaf Table Lamp-Tiffany Style-Hand Cr
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Families of all ages can benefit from using coupons for shopping. Don't be afraid to buy coupons on eBay, just know what to look for and how to get the most for your money.
Your wallet will thank you! .
How to Buy Coupons .
Listing auctions on eBay can be expensive, most sellers have to charge more for shipping to cover the costs of a gift card listing for auction. This doesn't mean you can't find a good deal on auction, it just means often the best place to start is with a search of eBay stores . Also, sellers who have an eBay store often have a large assortment for you to choose from, which will allow you to get the most from your shipping dollar. Be sure to look at the shipping costs for coupons. $3 in coupons is not a bargain if you're paying $2 in shipping. . Make sure the seller is actually shipping you coupons to your home. If it is a coupon that you print online, you can find it yourself. Don't be afraid to buy "non-traditional" coupons, like $10 off an entree at the Red Lobster or 50% off Wal Mart.

Pay attention to the expiration date! Make sure the coupons you buy expire at least 2 weeks from the date you will purchase them, so you can have enough time to spend them on your needs or fun.(we need it too).

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If your friends just bought a new home and you want to give them a unique housewarming, memorable, yet practical gift, get a beautiful Cuckoo or antique clock.

Clocks set the tone for a home, and create sensory memories that family and friends will recall for years to come. Cuckoo clocks are a number one choice for couples just starting out ,especially if children are on the way. Their handcrafted beauty and style complement many types of home décor, and the sound of the cuckoo will remind you off your friends thoughtfulness for years to come.

Also,antique clocks were made with such high quality that with proper care and maintenance, they can last several centuries, what you can't say about present clocks and watches.Everything is instant and disposable.
We collect antique clocks.It's really fun and adds up some story to your home and you can pass them to you children and so on.

1.Antique clocks.

2.Black forest cuckoo clocks.

3.Grandfather clocks.

Clock Dials! Antique Clock Dials And How To Restore Them Today!

The dial of a clock is usually the first thing to get dirty or discoloured, especially if winding is done by opening a door in the front. A marked improvement can be effected by fixing a new dial made in the manner to be described.

First take off the minute hand. Sometimes this is only sprung on and will come away by merely pulling at the centre, but generally it is secured by a, small pin which is easily withdrawn. The removal of the hour-hand will then present no difficulty. The dial will most likely be fixed by screws to the case, or to the frame of the movement, and by unscrewing these it is detached. Place all the screws, the hands etc, in a box or tray for safety while making the new dial.

You'll need a sheet of fairly stout, smooth-surfaced Bristol board, (A smooth, heavy pasteboard of fine quality); a bottle of waterproof Indian ink ; an ordinary and an ink compass ; a pair of dividers and a ruling pen. Having pinned the white card to a drawing-board to prevent it shifting, measure carefully with the dividers the diameter of the outer circle of the dial, and with the compass make a similar circle on the card ; next measure the inner circle, on which the graduations are to be inscribed, and transfer this also to the copy. The divisions may now be proceeded with. Rule lightly a vertical line across the diameter of the circle ; this will indicate the six o'clock and twelve o'clock graduations.

A second line, also through the centre of the circle, at right angles to the first, divides the dial into four quarters. With the dividers, each quarter is then sub-divided into three equal portions, for the five-minute graduations, and each of the latter into five parts. The dial will then contain sixty divisions. Now measure the respective distances of the top and bottom of the hour figures from the centre of the dial, and with these distances as radii describe two more circles, thus obtaining guide-lines in which to write the figures. With the old dial as a copy, the hours may then be pencilled in, noticing that all the upright strokes radiate from the centre, while the short lines at the top or bottom of each figure are portions of the guide circles. Note that diametrically opposite figures are upside-down as regards each other, and that the " four " is drawn thin. IIII, and not IV.

When the whole is neatly inscribed in pencil, the inking over may begin. The two outer circles are first done with the ink compass, then the divisions with the ruling pen, noting that each of these radiates from the centre. Every quarter-hour mark, however, is made thicker and wedge-shaped, while the intermediate five minutes are indicated by dots. The figures are next carefully inked in, first the radiating upright lines, then any cross strokes, and finally the curved lines at top and bottom, doing the latter with the ink compass. The thick strokes may conveniently made by ruling two thin lines the correct distance apart and filling in the middle space with a fine brush. Care must be taken that one part is dry before attempting another. When all is dry, the pencil marks are removed with a rubber, and the size of the dial is ascertained by laying the old one on top of it, marking at the same time the places where holes are required for the hands and winding key. These are cut out with the point of a sharp penknife, an inked circle having first been drawn round them for ornament. If all has been neatly done, the new dial will be quite undistinguishable from enamelled one, the pure white, smooth surface of the Bristol board having just the right appearance.

To fix the dial, the order adopted in removing the old one is reversed - that is to say, the dial is first screwed to the case, the hour-hand next placed in position, then the washer, and lastly minute hand, not forgetting the pin, if one is used.

Copyright Sarah Stewart 2006 www.antique-e-books.co.uk

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A popular style of decorating today is Mediterranean style decorating. Bringing color and excitement into the home, Mediterranean style decorating can make your home life seem that little bit more spontaneous.

In order to create a Mediterranean theme in the home you have a number of options. You could use pieces of furniture, decorative molds or decorative fixtures. Usually Mediterranean styles have a slight antique feel to them and the use of pillars and ceiling cutouts is also quite common with the theme too. The Tuscan Mediterranean look is particularly common and for that faux finishes are used like marble for example.

Why Use a Mediterranean Theme in the Home?

Adding a Mediterranean theme into the home can add a lot of character as well as warmth too. A Mediterranean style room should ideally look lived in and that is what generally adds the character to it.

If you decide to use a Tuscan style then you need to keep it a little rustic. This can be achieved by using materials such as stucco and cracked plaster. Color wise you need to choose warm colors such as terracotta and gold as well as chocolate browns. If you want to add a few accent tones then the best colors to use as deep blues and olive greens.

Another important factor to consider with Mediterranean style decorating is textures. This for example could mean the number of layers of paint you have on the walls or even marble walls and worktops. The furniture should look worn and distressed wood is also particularly good.

While it is possible to create a Mediterranean style in any home no matter how small, you need to remember to keep it as uncluttered as possible. If your room is small then the colors you should use to make it look larger include yellows and other vibrant colors. Another handy tip is to add storage in your furniture.

The accessories which you can use to add a Mediterranean style to the home include luxury pillows and scrap wood. Looking around the antique shops will really help too and wrought iron can help you to create an intimate setting in any room.

One of the best things about Mediterranean style decorating is that it is not very expensive to accomplish. You can easily pick up various bits and pieces from art sales and vintage stores. You just have to have a good eye for a bargain. You also do not have to worry about everything looking perfect. It is the imperfections in things which add to the Mediterranean feel. If you manage to achieve the Mediterranean look then you will notice how much more welcoming your home seems to be. It can really help to brighten up any room and it is simple to do too.

Andrew Caxton is the editor of different articles published at http://www.home-decorating-reviews.com, with reference to wrought iron and terra cotta. You can find more information and resources on Mediterranean style decorating at his website.

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