Home sweet home!

We all know that home is where the heart is and we want to make it perfect. (even if we live on a budget) Lets add some touches and personal style to our dream home.

Your entry starts on the outside so add a sturdy welcome mat. (not a rotting mat of course)
The door is very important. Spend some money and get a good quality one. Personalize your door with a unique door knocker or art glass. (depending on the style of your door)

Once inside be sure there is an attractive rug . A small table is always a good idea with a creative storage for your keys, handbag, wallet or mail. You can get a basket or wooden box for mail and a small bowl for keys.
If you have enough space add a coat rack and an umbrella stand . Most of us have a small coat closet, which if too loaded will not allow anyone else to use it.
Add a lamp for a cozy effect. Size will depend on the table or chest. Often a mirror adds space to a small foyer and everyone likes to get a last look before they leave the home as well.
A stylish chair would also be handy. (but don't get to huge of one, it takes up too much space).
Also include artwork that suits the rest of your dream house and your personal style.

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What You Need To Know When Choosing An Exterior Door

By Bill Prudehome.

Exterior doors for your home come in a variety of materials, colors, and designs. New materials, such as vinyl have provided manufacturers with the ability to create exterior doors that need little maintenance, provide security, energy efficiency and add value to your home.

The front door of a home greats your guests and its styling says a lot about the home owner.


Wood exterior doors are desirable for their natural beauty and structural strength. They are widely available in a number of different woods ranging from pine, oak, cedar, mahogany, and walnut. They do however require significant protection from the elements as well as regular maintenance. Manufacturers are required to treat wood with a preservative to help prevent rotting but ongoing maintenance is the only way to ensure that your wood exterior door lasts and performs.


Steel exterior doors are actually made from a combination of materials. The interior structural components (rails and stiles) are often wood, the inner core is filed with insulating foam and the outer skin is made of galvanized steel. The inner wood structure gives it stability and strength. The foam core provides good insulation and the steel skins are durable, resistant to warping or rotting and require little maintenance.

Steel exterior doors can be painted any number of colors. They are also available with pre-finished PVC coatings that simulate a wood-grain finish.


Fiberglass exterior doors are relatively new and are constructed in the same fashion as steel exterior doors with wood stiles and rails and an inner core of injected foam. The outer skin is fiberglass. Fiberglass is very strong, durable and energy efficient. In addition to a flat painted surface, fiberglass can also be embossed to give it the texture and appearance of wood.


Vinyl exterior doors are also relatively new. They employ a multi-chambered vinyl structure for both the frames and panels (sashes) utilizing a steel, aluminum, or wood re-enforcement to add strength and prevent distortion. Vinyl doors are good thermal insulators because of their multi-chambered designs and offer good thermal performance ratings. Vinyl is a very durable material and is resistant to extreme weather conditions. It is also very resistant to breakage and provides good protection against forced entry through the door. Vinyl doors will not rust, dent or scratch, and require no special maintenance.

For additional information on exterior doors for your home or other renovation projects, visit Renovation Headquarters.
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