Families of all ages can benefit from using coupons for shopping. Don't be afraid to buy coupons on eBay, just know what to look for and how to get the most for your money.
Your wallet will thank you! .
How to Buy Coupons .
Listing auctions on eBay can be expensive, most sellers have to charge more for shipping to cover the costs of a gift card listing for auction. This doesn't mean you can't find a good deal on auction, it just means often the best place to start is with a search of eBay stores . Also, sellers who have an eBay store often have a large assortment for you to choose from, which will allow you to get the most from your shipping dollar. Be sure to look at the shipping costs for coupons. $3 in coupons is not a bargain if you're paying $2 in shipping. . Make sure the seller is actually shipping you coupons to your home. If it is a coupon that you print online, you can find it yourself. Don't be afraid to buy "non-traditional" coupons, like $10 off an entree at the Red Lobster or 50% off Wal Mart.

Pay attention to the expiration date! Make sure the coupons you buy expire at least 2 weeks from the date you will purchase them, so you can have enough time to spend them on your needs or fun.(we need it too).

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